4 Web EPFLÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of Europe’s leading Research and Education Institutions, with 2300 staff (400 professors), 1000 postdocs, 2000 PhD assistants and 8000 BSc/MSc students. The FuelMat Group (Fuels and Materials Electrochemistry) led by MER Dr Jan Van herle, part of the Mechanical Engineering Institute (IGM) in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (STI) at EPFL, is experienced since >15 years in SOFC R&D. The Group is very interconnected with other research groups at EPFL for detailed post-test analysis at the Electron Microscopy Center, Materials Institute, and Chemistry Institute of EPFL.

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The IPESE Group (Industrial Processes & Energy Systems Engineering) led by Prof François Maréchal is a sister Lab in the Mechanical Engineering Institute of EPFL. It is expert in process and energy system engineering for efficient use and reuse of energy, efficient energy conversion, integration of renewables and complex system integration. Both groups are part of the new Energy and Green Fuel pole (Energypolis) located in Sion.