6 Web HYGHYGEAR Technology & Services B.V, together with its daughter companies HyGear and HyGear Fuel Cell Systems, is an SME based in Arnhem, The Netherlands, with focus on development and manufacturing of small scale gas processing plants and purification systems, such as on-site hydrogen generators (Hy.GENTM) and Biogas Upgrading Systems (GUS). HYGEAR’s core competence is small scale gas processing and purification and has flexible engineering skills, prototyping and testing capabilities. HYGEAR’s mission is to move on-site gas technologies to markets. With natural gas based Hy.GENTM -systems and Biogas Upgrading Units, HYGEAR proved to be successful; several new technologies are under development under which Solid Oxide Electrolyser and Fuel Cell systems, small scale liquefaction units and Power to Gas systems.

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Presently, HYGEAR employs 60 persons and is full member of the following industry grouping: European Industry Grouping for a Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative (NEW IG), Bio-based Industries Consortium (BBI-JTI) and Sustainable Process Industries through Resource and Energy efficiency (SPIRE)