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This project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (now Clean Hydrogen Partnership) under Grant Agreement No 735692. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research

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The CH2P project aims at prototyping an innovative technology for hydrogen refueling stations (HRS). The new system co-generates hydrogen, heat and electricity using Solid Oxide Cell technology fueled by carbon-lean natural gas (NG) or bio-methane.

The CH2P system is a transition technology for an early infrastructure deployment of hydrogen refueling stations, operating with higher efficiency, lower costs and reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional technologies.

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The CH2P project is expected to impact on several key EU and FCH JU objectives developing a new high performances technology that will support the step by step transition to a clean energy society.

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target Market

The CH2P project targets the emerging market of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS). The completion of the project – planned for mid 2020 – will exploit synergies between the Energy and the Transport sectors to provide a high-performance system prototype for HRS. The CH2P technology will be relevant to support the transition to hydrogen mobility and to stationary applications using hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

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