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To achieve European ambitions to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases by 80% before 2050, emissions of the transport sector and of the energy sectors will need to decrease drastically.

Today, the Hydrogen Economy offers ready solutions to decarbonize the transport sector.
In the short term, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) close to be deployed in the market in increasing numbers: because of this a network of hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) first has to exist.
In the medium-long term, the so called Green Hydrogen (production of hydrogen by renewable energy sources) is figured as the target technology to decarbonize the different energy sectors, but these technologies needs to become commercially attractive in order to foster the development of clean transport sector.

What we can do in the meantime?

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The CH2P project is expected to impact on several key EU and FCH JU objectives developing a new high performances technology that will support the step by step transition to a clean energy society.

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We expect CH2P project to contribute to lower carbon emissions for hydrogen as well as power generation and to lower the cost of hydrogen for mobility. A successful completion of the project – planned for mid 2020 – will give the opportunity to create synergies between the Energy and Transport sectors and penetrate the emerging market of Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) with a high performances technology, supporting step by step the transition to a clean energy society from the mobility sector to future possible deployment of the CH2P technology in stationary applications.

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