The CH2P project is addressing the topic FCH-02-4-2016 “Co-generation of hydrogen and electricity with high-temperature fuel cells” within the call H2020-JTI-FCH-2016.
More in detail, CH2P has the plan to realize a high temperature co-generative system producing hydrogen and power in a flexible way, addressing the usage scenario of industrial applications through in-field testing.

The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • Higher efficiency of the conversion process through thermal energy integration realizing an new integrated gas treatment unit in order to increase the overall efficiency between 75% and 90%;
  • Reliability and stability of power and hydrogen supply;
  • Cost competitiveness evaluation for the support of technological development, addressing the cost element of the CH2P technology addressing the target of achieving an hydrogen price below 5 €/kg;
  • Technology target: development and validation of a 100 kgH2/day (125 kWel) technology based on high reliability stack modules realized in Solid Oxide technology;
  • Test and qualify the designed integrated system to have a target of at least 10 years lifetime with module change-outs and a proper service and maintenance plan;
  • Higher hydrogen purity level (target to 99,999% with a water content less than 4 ppm);
  • In-field testing in a relevant environment of the 100 kgH2/day  prototype and  design for a 200 kgH2/day system for future infrastructure deployment and market penetration;
  • Life-cycle analysis (LCA) and Life-cycle Costs Analysis (LCC) to evaluate CH2P technology’s benefits compared to state-of-the-art SMR and other forecourt H2 production technologies (electrolysis).