The CH2P project addresses the topic FCH-02-4-2016 “Co-generation of hydrogen and electricity with high-temperature fuel cells” within the call H2020-JTI-FCH-2016.

CH2P’ s primary objective is to cogenerate hydrogen, heat and power using Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology fueled by methane-rich gases.

Other important objectives related to the CH2P system are:

  • EFFICIENCY: produce hydrogen and electricity more efficiently and less costly than conventional technologies
  • QUALITY: guarantee high H2 purity level for the operability of fuel cell electric vehicles
  • FLEXIBILITY: optimize the decentralized production of H2 in HRS by enabling a flexible hydrogen-production capability that can be adapted to the actual demand of customers
  • ENERGY STORAGE: provide electric energy storage service in the form of H2
  • COST COMPETITIVENESS: address the target of achieving an hydrogen price below 5 €/kg
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: use of Life-cycle analysis (LCA) and Life-cycle Costs Analysis (LCC) to evaluate CH2P’s environmental footprint