The CH2P technology is characterized by the optimal thermal integration of a SOFC
system with a hydrogen generation unit.
The CH2P technology is placed in a container that is divided into two compartments.

CH2P prototype

The CH2P prototype is structured in 4 main units (subsystems) that are placed in two 40 ft containers

Hot Balance of Plant
An assembly of hot components working between 300°and 800° that enables steam methane reforming reactions, heat recovery and steam generation.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)
A fuel cell operating at high temperature and high efficiency, where hydrogen is converted into power.

Pressure Swing Adsorber (PSA)
A technology used to clean hydrogen from impurities.

Syngas compressor
A machine to compress mixture of gases for supplying the PSA


Container A includes the components of the cold sections and container B the components of the hot sections.


PSA: Pressure Swing Adsorber
E: Electric cabinet
W: Water storage tank
OF: Off gas vessel
B: Buffer vessel
D: Desulphurization vessel
COMPRES: Syngas compressor


LSM: Large Stack Module
BoP: Balance of Plant
A: Air suction blower
C: Steam condenser
WKO: Water know out
E: Electrical cabinet
P.E: Power electronics

The hydrogen production and electric power generation can be modulated according to 5 operating modes: from minimal electric power and minimal hydrogen production to maximum electric power and maximum hydrogen production, with different combinations of electric power and hydrogen production in between.

CH2P Five Operating Modes

The container has been assembled and partially tested at HyGEAR (the Netherlands) where it will be upgraded to SOE operations in the SWITCH project.

CH2 prototype at HyGEAR