8 Web VTGVERTECH GROUP is a French research intensive SME that focuses its business on providing advanced environmental and sustainable solutions for different sectors such as energy efficiency, industry, new manufacturing processes and revalorization of wastes. Vertech Group is aimed to create value by supporting and advising private and public organizations regardless the sector they work in (e.g. Recycling, energy, waste treatment), their location (e.g. Europe, Latin America) and their size (e.g. SMEs, Large, Universities) getting from research to market.
Vertech Group is National and European expert on the Banner VTGdevelopment of environmental and economic assessments applied to several industrial sectors such as energy efficient technologies, renewable energies, waste management, recycling and recovery. The staff of Vertech Group (PhDs and PostDoctorals) has over 10 years of experience on international cooperation. Vertech Group is member of the French Life Cycle Assessment Platform (Avnir). The company is based in Nice, in the French EcoValley, that is the first example of a real sustainable urban environment in France. Vertech Group is also present in Spain and has expansion plans to other markets besides Europe (e.g South America).