CH2P team meets together in Sion (Switzerland) for the second technical project meeting.

CH2P TECHNOLOGY SCENARIO is completed. The DESIGN of the CONTROL STRATEGY is under finalization, thanks to the system performance evaluation in the five operation mode for HRS individuated in the technology scenario. Also the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) of the new CH2P system – supported by multi-objective optimization and dynamic model simulations – is finalized “with passion and the excellent work performed by all the team devoted to the optimization, step by step, of the final layout” as said by the Project Coordinator Luigi Crema. In parallel, the stack development and testing is proceeding fast with pre and post operation analysis on the fuel cells performed in the EPFL labs (visited for the occasion by the CH2P partners) and the new stack tower development and testing done in SP-HTc.

By this way, activities are in progress as planned to move forward in the realization of the overall system control strategy and the preliminary P&ID scheme for the CH2P system prototype production.

Follow us and keep on track!

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