The new issue of Research*EU Magazine (N° 94 - July 2020) has published a dedicated article on the CH2P project. The issue features a special section on "Hydrogen's growing role in sustainable energy systems", showcasing 7 projects that demonstrate how hydrogen technologies can be upscaled and contribute positively to a low-carbon, sustainable energy system and … Continue reading Ch2P ON RESEARCH*EU MAGAZINE

CH2P @ Annual meeting of the Energy Process Engineering Division (Germany)

Marc P. Heddrich from DLR presents CH2P project at the annual meeting of the ProcessNet Division of Energy Process Engineering in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), a German initiative that brings together industry and academia. The events have the objective to give an overview on interesting developments and specific projects in the area of “SOCs in … Continue reading CH2P @ Annual meeting of the Energy Process Engineering Division (Germany)


CH2P consortium meets together in Trento (Italy) for the official first technical meeting. It is the time to go over to the detailed project timeline: progress done during the six-month period, goals achieved and the future actions together with the fundamental topic regarding the communication of the project. For some of the CH2P partners it … Continue reading TPM#1